What is SASL?

SASL stands for South African Sign Language.  South African Sign Language (SASL) is the primary language used by the Deaf community in South Africa. SASL was formally recognised in 1995, and is in the process of being codified. It is promoted as the language of various South African Deaf communities, although the Deaf in South Africa do not necessarily form a single group.

In addition to SASL and its regional and cultural variations, American Sign Language (ASL) is popular, although since 2006 the teaching of ASL has been officially discouraged.[2] Most local impressive new free teen porn blog sign languages in South Africa show influence of German and American sign language.

SASL is the sign language that is used during television news casts in South Africa. There are around 40 schools for the Deaf in South Africa, most using a variety of SASL. ”Sign language” is mentioned in the South African how to online date collection constitution, and the South African Schools Act permits the study of “sign language” in lieu of an official language studied at school.


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